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· Greg Gaub
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As this is a fairly narrow and tall (high CoG) car, it simply can't be driven in the same way as a Corvette, LMP, or Aston, or whatever you normally drive. Even R4 would need to be taken more gingerly with this car than most other slot cars, because it will just roll if you corner too fast. But, the game of slots is not to drive all cars the same as your fastest car. The game is to drive each individual car the fastest that IT can be driven around any given track, whether it has all R4 or all R1 turns, whether the car is a magnet LMP or a magless NSU.
There is nothing inherently mis-matched about this car on a fast, flowing track.

Given that you don't like how the VW Fun Cup cars behave, I think it's wise that you don't spend money on this car. It's definitely a challenging car to drive, on any track.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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