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Kyosho at the 2012 International Toy Fair

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More photos down the page, here

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So far, the best news of the show. I sincerely think that 1/43 scale has a lot of potential (maybe really the way to go).
At this point if I was starting and my interest would be mag racing, I would go with 1/43 scale.
They will have soon, the Porsche 962, Mazda 787, Sauber C9 and the Jaguar XJR-9. What fabulous Le Mans type tracks can
be done at this scale!!!

For this scale to explode:

1-We need more quality bodies which are appearing now. The cooperation with Spark is just ACE!!! This could lead to hundreds of bodies.
I hope they try also rally cars, but I have to concede that Le Mans cars are the best to start with.

2-We need better chassis, I think the Kyosho chassis are really for mag racing. We need chassis for 1/43 scale. Mauricio, what do you think?
We need the best possible handling chassis to see really the true potential of this scale in a non magnet approach.

On a more personal note. The Sauber and the Jaguar are a must must. I will use them as bodies for my dnanos.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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