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Kyosho at the 2012 International Toy Fair

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More photos down the page, here

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Will they let you try the wireless controller?

It would be interesting to know how it goes - how it compares with other controllers i.e. is it an upmarket set controller or a challenger for PM and controllers

Wonder if that controller could be used on a 1/32 wood track?

I emailed Kyosho and this is their reply

"Regarding to the wireless controller, this is being techinally designed for all the slotcar, so the difference in scale is not problem."

I guess it would be a case of working out how to connect the wireless module to your track.

The controller is looking more and more interesting seems they are really serious about the whole slot car thing with the 3 clip and Scalextric/Ninco type adapters for wireless.

Doug the standard controllers look small - almost like the old AFX controllers - what size is the wireless one - is it more like a Parma in size

1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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