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Has anyone seen any of the Kyosho 1/43 slot cars for sale yet?
On a French slot site there are pictures of a trade show featuring not just their cars, but also a track system(limited).
There is also the announcement of a wireless throttle for you modern guys.
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Hi Kev, I get the impression from the discussions on the American forums that we might not see them until the spring. I keep asking at the local Modelzone, a Kyosho R/C dealer, but they have not heard of D Slot. But most of the dates mentioned in releases have been and gone, so we will just have to wait I think.

Regards, Lloyd.

ps. Did you get my late PM last night?
Hi Kev, just read elsewhere, these cars are going to be released in the US in December:


917K & 962, $38 ea

911 £33

Mazda 787B $38

Audi R8 $33

Lambourgini Murcielago? $33

Others in February, dont know about UK yet.

Regards, Lloyd
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1 - 5 of 117 Posts
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