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Has anyone seen any of the Kyosho 1/43 slot cars for sale yet?
On a French slot site there are pictures of a trade show featuring not just their cars, but also a track system(limited).
There is also the announcement of a wireless throttle for you modern guys.
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looking at those hi-res pics on facebook i think the Porsche 956 and Mazda LMP are a little high, too much ground clearance. the details are awesome, but why have those cars be that high?
The 917K ist okay, but also the Murcielago seems high to me. okay, compared to a Go! car, they are still low.
have those been tested on wood

i know a good track for testing purposes in Austria
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what´s the difference between the normal motor and the "pro"?
any specifications like rpm or gcm?
what´s the weight of the RTR car?
which kind of tires are the stock tires? rubber, pur, sillicone?
now i can understand the need for a "pro" motor
11200 are a joke
another way to get the money out of the slotters pocket

what the stock gearing?
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11200rpm @ 12V (?)
gearing: 8/20
reasulting in 4480 rpm at the rear axle

22000rpm @ 12V
gearing 8/30
reasulting in 5867 rpm at the rear axle

[email protected],8V
gearing 8/30
reasulting in 7236 rpm at the rear axle

kyosho with pro motor
20000rpm @ 12V (?)
gearing: 8/20
reasulting in 8000 rpm at the rear axle

or you can push the stock motor to 16V and get 5973 rpms... but one thing for sure - stock car will not be too fast.
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the video is nice and the shown ground clearance of the 962 is shocking, not talking of the Mazda.

the guard rails are nice!
Kevin from K&D is only waiting to get masters sent to make some nice tires that will hook up on wood, Bertrand!

Too said we got another company with front air tires

I like the front tires to touch the track, too! Way easier to put a shim under the guide than to get rid of 1mm in the guide area! Can you post a closeup picture of the guide area of the 917, please?

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a SlideGuide® would help to get the wheels to touch the track, but the nose would still be high. Sanding the guide plate would lower it a little, but for sure not enough.
Can the front mounting point be changed or is there simply not enough space under the body to get the front down?
maybe US get´s 917s with wheels on the track, but here in Austria, ordered from Germany, front wheels high in the air, with absolutely no chance to get them on the track. If you file down the guide, nothing will be left.
The guide will have be changed to get the front wheels down.
As the guide is under the front axle, it also needs to go a little further in front for my feelings. I´m waiting to get some urethane tires, than i´ll rework the 917.
No problem on the 962, but the 917 is a wheely car.
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