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Has anyone seen any of the Kyosho 1/43 slot cars for sale yet?
On a French slot site there are pictures of a trade show featuring not just their cars, but also a track system(limited).
There is also the announcement of a wireless throttle for you modern guys.
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Hi Guys

Watch out on the forum over the next few days

You are looking at first week of Jan release for UK.

Visit UK Facebook for pics.

Or PM me for more info.

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There 3 different springs coming out for the suspension to give you different stettings.

Doing a test with one of the cars on Thursday with standard motor and the Pro motor so watch this space.

Hi Pfuetze

Thanks for your offer but sorry yes been done...

But not with the Pro tyres.

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They were the proto types

The finished ones look better and the Porsche will get wider back tyres.

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I agree a interior would look great but don't think you could have squeezed one in some how.

They have gone for the importance of getting a car that runs as good as it looks.

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Hi Marlon

I am distributing the Kyosho Dslot43 in the UK so you should see these in some of the stores that sponser the Forum

If you have any problems getting them just PM me and I'll tell you who is stocking them.

The motor is at a angle because how they have designed the floating power unit with suspenion.

Here is a pic of chassis as we put the Pro Motor in.

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Standard motor 11,200RPM

Pro motor 20,000RPM

Guys surely its how they perform and not the size of the motor !

Also the price of the motor is no way like the price of a 1/32 scale motor.

Great to hear all the views on these cars good and bad.

We are getting a review done on the Porsche 962 with standard motor and Pro motor and with different gears and sticky tyres, I will get it posted on this thread when done.

We tested them on a plastic track on thursday and will be tested on a 100ft wooden track next.

As you can see by the chassis you can adjust the height of the body so no SUV clearance unless you are going off road.

Testing tonight on a wooden track !

Click to see video !

100 FT track with copper tape.

Hi Marc

The cars you tested at Gaydon where proto-types so not the best but it was a chance for us to show the new product and get feed back from the public.

The car in the video has a pro-motor but standard tyres, we did not have time to run the pro-tyres yet.

I think the main thing here is theres another choice for people to look at, all the 1/43 that are available have there faults .

Looking forward here in the UK to speaking to clubs on maybe running a few events or championship if they feel the product is good enough.

First Delivery of Kyosho Dslot43 has landed in the UK !

We should have it shipped out to the retailers after the weekend.

First Cars will be Porsche 962's, Porsche 917's, Audi R8's and Lamborghini Murcielago's.

Porsche 911 and Madza 787 to follow in March.

Will update you with info from Nuremberg later on in the week.

Video from Nuremberg 2011 wonder what they will show this year ?

Nuremberg 2011

Glad the product has finally landed.

Here is a video running non magnet on a wooden track.

Non Magnet Video

I think that Kyosho were looking long term that if the 1/43 worked well they might venture into 1/32 scale as well.

Let hope it works for them in 1/43, with them teaming up with Spark for the bodyshells it look good but only if people buy into the scale.

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