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Hi All.

I have attended a few of the slot meets around the country and find that they are not well advertised and maps and directions are almost impossible to find.
The Orpington meet was well advertised and a map was available,
The Milton Keynes was advertised but I could find no useful map or directions even after searching for it on the internet, I had to follow somebody else to find it.
This weeks meeting at Bishops Stortford has been almost impossible to get info for.
I know it is on, Some of the traderes are saying they are going, But you search on the net for information as to its location and directions and you have virtually no chance at all.

Now this is not a nag from a newbie but I do feel that a little more information and maybe a local mention under local events will go a long way to improve visitor numbers. What else is there to do on a sunday anyway........


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You are right, people can always find out, but you deal with the great British consumer enough to know that unless it is made as easy as possible a huge percentage simply do not make the effort. There are a lot of distractions for our time these days.

Now, this is not to say anyone is lazy, we all do it, but buying slot cars is never going to be imperative, so any retailer or swap meet promoter who reassures himself that there was no more they could do is fooling themselves.

It has been said here before that the swap meets produce the usual crowd of familiar faces. Maybe more needs to be done to promote these events with local press, etc.

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Simple answer - join the NSCC - most swapmeets are advertised in the monthly magazine complete with maps and/or directions.

Just £16 a year folks - you know it makes sense.

Not that I am biased or anything!


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You also have to support the swapmeets by attending them.
I cannot remember the last time I saw you at one Jeff, it must be more than a year?

You also have to spend money when you get to the swapmeet, I remember a post here where the guy seemed quite pleased with himself, when he had gone to a swapmeet and spent no money!

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QUOTE (philsmith @ 28 Sep 2004, 16:15)simply go to one of the online map sites, such as




or the favorite one of your choice!

type in the address
and you will have a map of the area of the venue to print, easy really

Really not sure what the problem is here!

I just put the MK address into Multimap and you can see the results here

Milton Keynes

what more do you need?
Hi Phil.

There is no problem if you know about them, seasoned members who have been before will know where they are located but newbies do not.

It is easy to use Multimap or streetmap if you have the location of the meeting.
I could find listings with just phone numbers of organisers who were "Unable to come to the phone".... and I got those from the NSCC website.
I did find various mentions of the meetings on other web sites and forums but no actual locations.

I was just making a point that I was looking for them and could not find the details listed, how are other people going to find them.

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