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The latest news are not so good for the Maserati.

The ACO and FIA are willing to use the same rules in the near future which should be excellent for the teams.

The thing is that the Maserati won't fit those rules (too wide) and they are not happy. Since they intended to race at Le Mans from the start they could at least have paid attention to the GTS rules when they planned their supercar.

All the teams currently racing in the FIA-GT series are against the Maserati and Ratel (FIA-GT's boss) doesn't want a repeat of the 1998 season (with all the private teams leaving the series).

Regarding the Murcielago, Barbour's got their car but Dams are still waiting for it and they should have raced it at Donington last week ! The result is a very angry sponsor with many guests but no car to show.

And they shouldn't be at Spa since they don't want their car to make a first appearance on a 24h race ...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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