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The width to the outside of the bearings on an MSC inline chassis is 31.5mm approx. so using a narrow hub wheel at 9.75mm you should be able to get a overall track width of 51mm plus 0.5mm for clearance. Using the same narrow hubs I can get 52mm minimum on an HRS inline. The MSC bearing holders are the widest part of the rear of their chassis whereas the HRS chassis is wider than the bearing holders on one side.

If it's an S4 aren't you going to want 4wd? In this case the track's going to be a lot wider. If you want the dimensions with 4WD let me know. Also what wheelbase is the S4? If they fit, the Avant Slot chassis is the narrowest I've come across. Again if you need dimensions let me know.

Hope this helps.
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