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A thumping nine attendees for lane cars night was very healthy indeed and some good close racing ensued. How close? Well, after four classes we had seven people tied for third place!

First up were the Fly Quattros after the original first pick of SCX Xsaras, veterans of the first Slot Rally GB event at Toyota's HQ many moons ago, finally decided to call time. Rally cars were a bit of a feature of the evening as we look forward to this year's Farnham round of the 2013 SRGB at the end of the month, while Gareth carried away the Xsara carcases with a tear in his eye.

Scalextric Porsche GT3s were next on the blocks, delivering another closely matched set of races. The blue lane car has the more modern chassis but it isn't a sure-fire thing that it's going to get to the finish first. Or at all. With the Sloter Lolas and the Slot.It Ferraris, however, it's not a sure-fire thing that any of the cars will go the distance, as the little bantamweight spyders all tend to bounce out of their lanes with a fury.

For the rest of the evening it was back to tin-tops with the wild Spirit Peugeots and Ninco Meganes for those who want powerrrrrrr and the SCX Citroens for those who prefer a bit more wobble. After all this lot Lawrence bestrode the top of the points, followed by Alec. Following the Xsara disaster, however, we were a class short so a substitution was made with Scalextric sidecars filling the breach - with the result that the chairman duly lost his hard-earned victory and Alec hung on to take it by a hair's breadth.
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