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lane change slot issues

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A couple of my cars pickkup guides that sit in the slot keep smacking hard into the plastic V shape intersecting point situated in the slot where slot changes directions & the X section.

I might need to clarify the exact problem region where it is hitting.. I don't mean the V point on the metal flipper... but the actual X section. The plastic crossing point, hope this helps...

I'm thinking the best solution is to simply file back the tip of the V inside the curve till the cars change lanes smoothly.

But am I missing the point somewhere (pardon the pun )

I also notice one of the cars pickup guides that drop down into the slot is not always centered. It seems the positive wire is putting a little tension on the guide, rotating it slightly to the left making it off center.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before i go about butchering my track piece.
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QUOTE (mickman @ 19 Jun 2011, 05:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi ya Bigbird, The small bump is just before the flipper.. but my problem occurs in the center of a CLC where the cross section is. the Plastic V in the X section. After the flipper has changed the cars direction of travel... as the car crosses over the X section ... it hits the intersecting point quite hard, sometime even throwing the car out of the slot.

Do you mean an XLC or a CLC? The X-over is in the XLC and the usual problem with hitting the flipper is with the CLC.

Please clarify...

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Mr. F.
I have read you mention a couple of times the tension of the guide wires to center the guide. Could you explain this please.

I see SCX has a "new" centering system for their guides. Is this something only SCX cars can have or can we "borrow" the idea for Scaley cars?

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Do you mean to say another LHS is closing or getting out of slot cars?

Following up on Mr. F's advice,

I would like to know from those in the know if it is better to replace the Scalextric guides with the ones where the brass pin is on the wire end and it inserts into the guide to secure the braid. I think or somebody makes them.... maybe SCX?

Sorry if this is vague but I recall seeing them on this forum when somebody converted an analogue to digital or added brake lights or some such thing.
Would appreciate comments on the "best" way to wire to the pickup/guide without actually soldering to the pickup wires.

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Thanks Mr. F.

Just making a shopping list for our upcoming road trip to California (via Scalextric retailers, of course).

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Thanks, Mickman.

So we cross off one more CHAIN of LHSs carrying Scalextric products, right?
Where I am, the numbers are dropping as well.... so it is no wonder I shop in the US (on vacation) or over the internet....

Seems to be a downward spiral... price differential = less LHS sales = dropping product line = internet shopping


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Here is the link I have added to my signature.
Thanks Mr. F. for the reminder.

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