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lane change slot issues

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A couple of my cars pickkup guides that sit in the slot keep smacking hard into the plastic V shape intersecting point situated in the slot where slot changes directions & the X section.

I might need to clarify the exact problem region where it is hitting.. I don't mean the V point on the metal flipper... but the actual X section. The plastic crossing point, hope this helps...

I'm thinking the best solution is to simply file back the tip of the V inside the curve till the cars change lanes smoothly.

But am I missing the point somewhere (pardon the pun )

I also notice one of the cars pickup guides that drop down into the slot is not always centered. It seems the positive wire is putting a little tension on the guide, rotating it slightly to the left making it off center.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before i go about butchering my track piece.
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QUOTE (mickman @ 23 Jun 2011, 21:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The shop I visited here in England was called Hobby Craft... the sales person stated that they are selling all the Scalextric gear as they will no longer support it. I picked up a few digital track pieces less than half price.

Ah...this explains the depleted Scalextric stock levels at the two Hobbycraft stores nearest to where I live.

The last time I visited one of them, a few weeks ago, they had hardly any Scalextric stuff at all save for a few guide blades, one car and a couple of accessories - no discounted digial track pieces though I did find a CLC on sale at a local Modelzone store.
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