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Lane change sport digital newbee

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For a couple of weeks now,on and off ,i have been trieing to get a lane change sport digital set working(didn't have a manual as it was a second hand gift from my sister!)...eventually worked out the digi.controller box functions(after going even more grey
)but have discovered a fault with 1 of the cars.
I reset the car ID with the hand controller and no joy ,so I took the car body off and find that 1 of the wires that goes to the assembly that holds the bushes (the meshed wire that feeds the car power supply from the track?) had come off (solder had broken but I found when I touched the wires the car for an instant jerked forward....
My question is does this indicate that the wire on the car just needs soldering or should I throw it away ( bearing in mind that setting the car ID didn't work).
Anybody with any ideas about this I would greatly apprehiate any help offered.

Many thanks,
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Ummm... You cant set an ID with the hand controller, that only works with PB-Pro or the new advanced powerbase. Someone had a manual on-line, I have a few originals if you want one PM me.
If you can afford to throw it away you have nothing to lose by soldering the wire to see if that works it should but no promises
if one of the pick up wires is broken you will not be able to id the car until it is repaired.
Hehe, I love all these answers.

Yes, Ian, just solder that wire back to where it broke, and I can almost guarantee it will work just fine again. The car will default to controller ID 1, so try that controller first. If that doesn't work, follow the manuals for setting the car ID. If you tell us exactly which model you have, and what version it shows (if it's a 6 car base) when it first turns on, we can help.
I bought a Brand New Pro GT set in mid-April and after about 3 laps, my Maserati MC12 solder wire had broke off.

Just phone up a few model shops or DIY small stores to see if they can do it.

Found a local one and the guy did it in around 10 minutes for £1.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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