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For a couple of weeks now,on and off ,i have been trieing to get a lane change sport digital set working(didn't have a manual as it was a second hand gift from my sister!)...eventually worked out the digi.controller box functions(after going even more grey
)but have discovered a fault with 1 of the cars.
I reset the car ID with the hand controller and no joy ,so I took the car body off and find that 1 of the wires that goes to the assembly that holds the bushes (the meshed wire that feeds the car power supply from the track?) had come off (solder had broken but I found when I touched the wires the car for an instant jerked forward....
My question is does this indicate that the wire on the car just needs soldering or should I throw it away ( bearing in mind that setting the car ID didn't work).
Anybody with any ideas about this I would greatly apprehiate any help offered.

Many thanks,
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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