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Lane Changer Problems

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I have a straight lane changer, on one of the lanes the flipper can be activated and moves to allow the car to change lane, but when the next car approaches it wont move back, so that car also changes lane. Flipper can be reset by hand. Have taken the back of and all parts look to be connected correctly and no loose wires.

As it moves in one direction I assume its not the sensor, anybody else had this problem or got a solution, don't really want to spend £30 on a new one.
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Probably a physical obstruction, likely a bit of plastic from the molding process. I had a similar problem and ended up cutting out the bottom of the slot below the tip of the flipper to stop it from dragging and getting stuck to one side. If you can tilt the track to one side and the flipper moves, but the same amount of tilt the other way won't move it back, or even more tilt won't move it back, then it's definitely a physical problem.
If it moves freely just by tilting the track, then it might be a bad solenoid on the one side, or some other electronic issue.
Excellent sleuth job and repair!
when I put mine back together, I often use a magnetized screwdriver to get the solenoid pins into position, and tweezers or pliers to put the plastic bit in place. Usually takes more than one try.

Yay! Working lane changer!
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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