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Lap Counter Project

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Hello all,

I am a Slot car racer, and I am building a lap counter for home use for my GCSE electronics project. To help me with researching this project, I would like some info on what the most important aspects are, so if any of you can spare a minute to help, I would appreciate it greatly.
Please number the following aspects 1-12 in order of importance:

1. Ease of portability
2. Ability to count up to set number of race laps and then switch over to count down mode for the race
3. Size/compactness
4. Sound at the end of the race to signal the race is finished
5. To be mains powered
6. To be battery powered
7. Should the counter be a box at the side of the track
8. Should the counter be a bridge type over the track
9. Should the counter be mechanical and then be fixed to the underside of the track
10. Should an Infra Red non-contact sensor be used
11. Should individual lap times be recorded
12. Should the best lap time only be recorded

Please answer and feel free to add any general comments as well.
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I would agree with RichG, 100% accurate detection of a car passing the start/finish line is the most important point.

In my latest project (for a single lane rally track) I've used a 741 Op amp to compare the resistance in two LDRs mounted in the side of a bridge. One LDR is placed low down (where a car would cover it) and the other is placed well above nowhere near the car or track. On the other side of the bridge are two high powered white LEDs shining directly at the LDRs. When a car passes, the Op amp compares the difference and sends a signal to the output (this is where you need to think about the counting part of the project and what you need - I suggest you ask your Electronics teacher what is available). Some companies are able to supply complete counting kits as electronic projects for schools. I'm pretty sure but the exam board won't be expecting something to rival the best Scaley/Ninco/SCX can offer so don't over complicate it!

Good luck

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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