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Hi all

Our timing and race control system has finally died and we have decided to replace it.

We run on four lane Ninco track about 100ft lane length. Control is via three pin sockets.

We want to replace the power supply (preferably variable or stepped) and replace the lap counting/timing system (including a controlled race start).

Our first thoughts are a DS based system.

First up a couple of simple questions:

Has DS got a decent Web site which explains how their systems work and what they do? (in english)

Can the DS system be set up to give a timed delay (power cut) after a false (jump) start - i know it can not count the first lap, but we run ten lap heats and feel that a whole lap is too long.

Has any one got a simple (idiot proof) wiring diagram to wire the system (using Stop/GO boxes) to a start lighting system (i.e. red light green light).

We will have to use a dead strip sensor (we walk on/over the track too much) and a light bridge would get destroyed very quickly.

Whilst we are not 100% set on DS it deos seem to be the standard and easy to get hold of, but the info deosn't seem to be out there to help make our decision.

A PC/Lap top system might be possible, but i think it would be better avoided.

Any help, suggestions appreciated to help us decide which route to go.

Many thanks

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every one seems to swear by ds I have had 4 and they have all faulted ,sean has replaced them but ds have not reply to my emails requesting info I need to repair it the fault has been memory loss so I presume there is some eerom or similar ic which stores the info which is failing this I suspect is due to low temperature as my track is in my garden shed and is subject to low temps at night
Other than this niggling fault the system is superb and easy to use , but currently of little use as I use it mainly to get lap times when testing and I cant recall the info from the unit so I may be forced to go the lap top way
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