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LASCM obtains unobtainium!

Joe Lupo and Scott Bader (LASCM) have just come to terms on Joe's Tiny's tire collection.

Mr. Lupo has been a big supporter of the LASCM, and has made valuable past contributions.

Quoting Joe Lupo: "The tires packages have never been opened. I was kind of attached to these, but if you want them they are yours. If they have to go, I could not think of a better place. You have always been 100% in our dealings and I appreciate all you do for the hobby."

We are very pleased to be able to show a far greater display of these extremely rare pieces, still in their original packaging. This collection will also be featured in Philippe de Lespinay's new book with credit given to Joe.

I am currently assisting Mr. de Lespinay on picture choice and final editing, I have personally read the book and it is a fantastic work that includes an incredible amount of research.

I would like to urge any other collectors out there (that may be on the fence) to negotiate a sale or make your donations NOW so that pictures and credits can be included in the book.

Thanks Joe! I know it was tough for you to part with these but many people will enjoy seeing them.

For more information, please go to or PM me.

Scott Bader,
Electric Dreams
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