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I missed this when I first joined (I jumped straight into the layout forum by way of first introduction) but now I have spotted it perhaps a more formal introduction is in order.

My name is Mark and I am reliving my lost youth by racing slotcars with my three kids. Cars are a passion but as I cannot afford too many in 1:1 I have to satisfy my cravings in the smaller scales!

In 1:1 I have a Tiger (one of the many sevenesque type cars) as a track toy but I am currently rebuilding the engine after it let go at Spa eight weeks ago. So far I have just used it on test days and a couple of sprints but I have committed to race it next season in a Championship set up by the manufacturer.

I am currently working on the scenery for my Scalex layout but each time I try to find the time to do a little more I end up running a car round the track instead! I think I prefer racing to building in both Scalex and 1:1!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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