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Latest FLY 908LH

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Can anyone out there verify that the lastest Fly 908LH livery is genuine? I've not been able to find any 1:1 pics of the car. I thought it might have been a '69 Le Mans test car, but I'm not convinced.

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And then they (FLY) make the highly desirable, historically relevant BMW CSL Art Car and its 2 times plus a fiver more than the silver Coda Lunga (never mind the "Standard" Bimmers)!

It's not as though its a fancy 25 year old single malt they are making!

Imagine if Johnnie Walker added a splash or two of fancy paint to its Red Label and doubled the price...the head of Diageo would be held for treason and face execution in the Kings Court (or at least be sent to the penal colonies...)

oh wait that's where they send the Scaley cars with the darkened windows and no drivers (Aussie ONLY V8s for those that don't know what the heck I'm on about).

Weird, then the slot enthsiasts around the world buy them and import them back to the homeland at twice the price!!!

Weird, maybe Fly is just feeding the monster after all.

Oh well, I'm out of fire for now.

Ken R
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