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Latest FLY 908LH

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Can anyone out there verify that the lastest Fly 908LH livery is genuine? I've not been able to find any 1:1 pics of the car. I thought it might have been a '69 Le Mans test car, but I'm not convinced.

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QUOTE (Pendleslot @ 21 Aug 2004, 08:07)I would welcome the addition of lower spec models from Fly such as the silver Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga if the price was reflected in the level of spec.
We have an obsurd situation here where the retail price of this car is much higher than all previous releases of this model (ltd Editions excepted). I am sure that if Fly want to carry on producing new models from old tools then a range of lower spec/lower price cars would find a gap in the market place to be used by racers & modellers who want to produce their own liveries or use the cars as donors for kit building etc.

Thats a good idea. If they provide a solid or fake livery it should cost less. im not going to pay more for a fake. Nor less.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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