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Latest Porsche 962C - SICA52a

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I am a huge fan of the Porsche 962. It won the first ever IMSA race that I attended way back in 1987. As I watched the evolution of the 962 through the following 4 or 5 years I was happy to see it still performing relatively well compared to the other manufacturers who seemed to close the performance gap over the Porsches. In those following years, lots of teams did all sorts of things to try and maintain the pace with the other big manufacturers. One of the first things that I saw was the chopped tail versions from Joest Racing. I was so impressed that when I got back into slot cars I realised that I just had to make one of my own...
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Needless to say, I was happy to see the pre-production models for the latest rendition of the 962 from Maurizio and After the long wait I received one of the first liveries; the 1991 Le Mans 24 Hour entry from Joest Racing.
Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive design

The first thing I noticed was that there was no shrink wrap. A quick inspection of the box found this...
Rectangle Gas Font Fashion accessory Metal

on the right end (it was whole - I took this picture after I had opened the box). I have no issue with the lack of shrink wrap. If it is part of an effort to reduce plastic then that is a good thing.
The second thing I noticed was that the car came with the (display) wing detached, as well as a second (racing) wing, in a small bit of plastic, taped to the underside of the plinth. Again, I took these photos after I had assembled the (display) wing onto the car.
Automotive design Vehicle Car Font Race car

Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Tire

The racing wing is all plastic, while the (display) wing has photo-etched metal uprights. I think I will leave this one on, even to race.
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Vehicle Toy

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The "greasy" side, complete with all the expected bits, including the now standard white/natural coloured endbell drive motor, 9:28 gearing in a 0.5mm offset pod. This car does come with the slightly larger real wheels (16.5mm diameter, instead of 15.8mm) and Speedline(?) inserts - another part of the evolution of the real cars reproduced in the model.
Font Packaging and labeling Carton Brand Transparency

A closer look at the detail of the rear deck showing two new brake cooling air scoops.

Overall, I am very happy with this new iteration of the venerable 962 and look forward to more liveries and a few white kits to keep me busy.

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I am looking forward to receiving mine.
I think this can be a nice slotcar and very competitive in the class.
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My wood class is more involved but I have high hope for this one.
Given time any livery you want, and choose to do yourself. Will be produced by Slot.It. I have at least 5 examples of this phenomenon!
Which I think it is a good phenomenon: they are behind their cars and keep updating their offering.
And man if they sell: I have bought a bunch of group C in the past but in the last couple of years or so I have stopped.
Now I want some of their Nissan and nada, cannot find any new.
So I will be buying any new releases all from now on.
This short tail porsche is one of the nicest. But I have to say I like them all.
I think I saw some of the Nissan's at a store in Tacoma. Sure they'll ship to you.
I am sure they will, but I have to pay as much has the car! :eek:
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