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Layout feedback

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Thinking about building this layout:

What do you think?
too many R1?
XLC too close to R1 , turn 10?

I just put xlc wherever they would fit, you don't have to use it
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I agree with Michael.

You should put the APB where the XLC is before turn 1. Move the grid boxes to the left and put the XLC immediately to the right of the last grid boxes. This way you will avoid smashes straight off the grid at the start of a race. It also makes sense to have the APB near the grid because the lap is counted from passing the APB.

This will work only if you use PitPro - this way cars passing through the pits will still have their lap counted. Ideally PitPro with the additional sensor so you can have a pit in detection as well as pit out.

And no - not too many R1's. A lot of people don't like R1's but my experience of digital racing on several different tracks is that R1's need to be carefully driven but make the racing very exciting.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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