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Hi, the C3011 Peugeot 908 is one of the cars I need/want to put with my other 908's. They pop up occasionally on the bay and I'm quite sure that there are some shops in Oz with them still in stock. You can also still get C2898,which is the black Peugeot test car and C2897 which has the red/white/black livery from 2008 I think. There is also the new C3195 Peugeot 908 Matmut which is due very soon(this month I think) and should be another fast car to add to the collection. I picked up the C2898 and C2897 the other week for $39eaAu,I've only seen the C3011 for around $70 so far. If you or anyone else knows of any more of these Peugeot 908's that are available I'd sure like to know. You can also get these in Carrera,Scx and Avant slot, maybe there are other brands as well,I'm not sure. If you can get yourself these cars they are great on the Scaley sport track and are probably my quickest cars-definately up there with the slot.its. I'd like to have 6 different liveries for a full 6 car grid.
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