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I love the magnet debate! I run without, and i can drive very competitive with. I think if you're a slot racer you can race any scale, any discipline, and still be able to manage it. I've never raced wing cars etc but anything any scale hard body and 60's ruskit kinda stuff i can be fast with in about 5 minutes. The big difference for the mag guys is when you crash you spend more time picking up the bits! (and the bits are smaller)...

These sports prototype cars are quick regardless of what your discipline is. If you run non-magnet in otherwise standard form, then avant slot will surely demolish the scaley version. One of the guys at my club has fitted the scaley 908hdi with a 21.5k motor and the chassis handles the extra go nicely.

On an availability point of view these cars are in fact pretty thin on the ground in oz. Retailers don't tend to get huge numbers in as they tend to be more of a newbie/kids/niche car, so each Christmas they sell out. I'm sure somebody has them but at ged's we sold out over 12 months ago, of the peugeot and the audi. Having said that you might be lucky going to a random toyworld...
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