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All motors must be in Standard Winding of 18,000 revs per minute (rpm).Preferably the grey casing ones, standards of fly or scalectrix manufacturers,otherwise other motors will be checked for standard levels.Before competitions all motors must have the sealing on jointing flaps not touched or bent.

Gears ands Pinion
There are no restriction on gears and pinion.
No diffs sequential are allowed.Direct pinion to a stable one way differential!

Nylon and brass bushes bearings are accepted for racing.
No ball bearings are accepted.

Wheels and Tyres.
All models must be equipped with four wheels by mean a rim and tyre. Front wheels must be of any make and size.They may not touch the track.

All models must be equipped with only one magnet. Any size, any shape and anywhere on plastic chassis. Magnets have to be all products for slot racing.
No after markets.

All chassis must be in full plastic condition except cuts for only one magnet.

All bodies must be single seater of LE MANS PROTOTYPE Racing.
Single driver has to be fitted in car with helmet on.
No body must not be modified for any reason to fit other chassis.
As part for mirrors,light lenses and boot spoilers, they can be excused for loss or breakdown damages..


Weight should be 72 grams and over
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