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Lee, Roy is promising to come on Wednesday, but he is not at all well, (I have been with him the last couple of days.). The 'Allsorts' team is nearly always available to give places to racers, you will need to talk to Roy on Wednesday hopefully.

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think hard about booking the Friday before and Monday after off work. You can then stay over in Derby on the Sunday night and catch up on sleep, or drive home and do the same, without the pressure of work the next day.

Friday can be spent pounding around the track with your own Turbo chassis. There is meant to be practice on the Friday evening, so in theory you could do that, but last year it got cancelled at the very last minute to make way for a local race
. Besides, there is something about being there lots of the Friday practice that gets you both chilled and in the zone.

The rules don't say how long practice is on the friday, but people that were there last year will be able to advise you.

What else? It might change, but I doubt it, currently Derby use a controller configuration unique to them in slot car racing. There are no brakes, and you will need to fit a mono plug, or an adapter (you can use mine). You won't be allowed to use controllers like the Truspeeds and One Stop Stage IIIs you are used to seeing. You are going to spend a lot of time marshaling on the floor (unless this is the year the track finally ends up on tables) so bring something to lie on.

Other than that send plenty of tweets and enjoy Brad Bowman's finest masterpiece
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