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Le Mans

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Hi! I wonder if there are someone who also collect Le Mans winners?
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Regarding Slot Real Car's models, I would like to warn you AGAINST them.

I recently bought 3 of them. The 917/20 "Pink Pig" Porsche I got isn't perfect but I can go along with it. The two 917 LH (Martini and Gulf) is another story. One is poorly built and both have a livery far from satisfatory. Given the price of those models, I wouldn't recommend them.

You could ask me why did I buy them then ? Answer : when you buy on line, you don't see the cars you get ... If you sometimes experience some trouble with RTR cars (like I recently did with a Spirit Reynard), you have to be very cautious with artisanal models like Slot Real Car. One exception : Racer. These are simply wonderful.
The Matra # 14 done for Anni-Mini is already out for quite a while. I think Getslotted still have that car in stock.

It is not cheap and not tremendous value for money, but at least the end result is superior than the one provided by Slot Real Car. Of course, the model is supplied with unapplied decals.
They look fine to me ! I've got several of them (P4's and 412P's) and they are all perfectly done.

I've read a review in the international Mas Slot magazine. The car runs so good and it is so addictive that you must keep in mind that it has a resin body if you want to avoid a disaster ...
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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