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Le Mans

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Hi! I wonder if there are someone who also collect Le Mans winners?
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Hi Bob!

I think it´s hard to find the winners of the early 60´s. Where have you find your Ferraris?

Regards // Richard
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syd slot: Thank you for your interesting thoughts. I´m unfortunately not a competent scratch builder... but I repaint if it´s necessary.

I wonder about these cars:

1950 Talbot Lago T26 GS #5
1951 Jaguar XK-120C #20
1954 Ferrari 275 Plus #4
1955 Jaguar D-Type #6
1956 Jaguar D-Type #4
1957 Jaguar D-Type #3
1960 Ferrari 250 TR 59/60 #11
1961 Ferrari 250 TRI/615 #10
1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM (Spyder) #6
1963 Ferrari 250 P #21
1964 Ferrari Tipo 275 P #20
1973 Matra Simca MS 670 B #11
1974 Matra Simca MS 670 C #7
1975 Gulf Mirage GR8 Gulf #11
1976 Porsche 936 Martini #20
1977 Porsche 936/77 Martini #4
1978 Renault Alpine A442B Elf #2
1979 Porsche 935 K3 Kremer #41 K3
1980 Rondeau M379B Le Point ITT #16
1981 Porsche 936/81 Jules #11
1988 Jaguar XJR-9 LM Silk Cut #2
1990 Jaguar XJR-12 Silk Cut #3

Kind regards // Richard
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That would be very nice Bob! How is the bodies from Pattos?
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Hi Russel! Thank you very much!

The 1964 Ferrari from MRRC. Is it the one with articel number 9905 that you can find att Pendle Slot Racing?

The Scalextric Jaguar XJR-9 is ok, but I have to repaint it. This is my all time favourite car! Can we hope that Slot It will make one?

Isn´t the Matra Simca from Anni-Mini from 1972?

Do you know where can I find the Porsche 936 from MRRC? Do you have a picture on this model?

Kind regards // Richard
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Thanks again!

The winner 1972 was car number 15. Car number 14 finished at second place.

I believe that Anni-Minis models are these two cars but as you said... they list the number 14 as the car from 1974.

Kind regards // Richard
Hi "syd slot"!

Yes, I´m dying for these Slot It-cars! If I´m right they will release the winners of 1982 (Rothmans) and 1984 (New Man). Maybe there also will be a model of the 962 Porsche from 1986 or 1987. At Slot It´s web page you can also se a picture of the Dauer Porsche. If they also will release that one from 1994, it´s christmas for me!

ps. Ohh... I forgot the Porsche 956 with Boss advertise! Beautiful!
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Getslotted... Getslotted... The winner car of Le Mans 1974 is the Matra MS 670C number 7! The winner car of Le Mans 1972 is the Matra MS 670 number 15. Number 14 finished at second place 1972.

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Yes! I think I see a Matra Simca from 1973 and a Jaguar C-Type from 1951!

Give it to me!
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Ahh... Le Mans Miniatures will release the 1978 Renault Alpine A442B Elf #2 soon!

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