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Le Mans

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Hi! I wonder if there are someone who also collect Le Mans winners?
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Just to stir the pot a little....

Those Racer P4s- are they so perfect? I believe there's another 'scale' issue here (oh-oh, here we go-), and the roof line looks very strange to me. But then again, I shouldn't vent my opinions too strongly as I don't have one. But the suspicions aroused by seeing friend's models managed to stop me spending huge amounts of beer vouchers on them. But if you chaps reckon it's that good, I might yet change my mind. The P4 is one of my very favourite cars, and represents a massive hole in my own collection. I'd love to hear some opinions on this model.
Getslotted... Getslotted... The winner car of Le Mans 1974 is the Matra MS 670C number 7! The winner car of Le Mans 1972 is the Matra MS 670 number 15. Number 14 finished at second place 1972.

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They look fine to me ! I've got several of them (P4's and 412P's) and they are all perfectly done.

I've read a review in the international Mas Slot magazine. The car runs so good and it is so addictive that you must keep in mind that it has a resin body if you want to avoid a disaster ...
Yes! I think I see a Matra Simca from 1973 and a Jaguar C-Type from 1951!

Give it to me!
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Ahh... Le Mans Miniatures will release the 1978 Renault Alpine A442B Elf #2 soon!

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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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