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A small but quality field of 13 drivers made it to the Viking club in the wilds of the Kent countryside. They included reigning European Champion Brian Eldridge, 2002 LGTC Champion William Oxley and Grand prix finalists Graeme and Jack Thoburn, Andy Tomlin and Keith Fishenden.
The event was run using the new Scalex system which could not calculate time but totaled the points for position and drivers raced sequentially which meant you could have all six races one after the other and meant some drivers faced stiffer opposition than others. Adrian Norman did a great job on race control but the system has some drawbacks for club and Championship racing.

After the heats Keith led from Trevor Allen, Brian and William.
The first semi-final was a win for Keith from William and local driver Darren Curd.
In the second semi it was a win for Brian from Trevor and Jack.
The B final saw Andy take a convincing win. Second went to Daryl Fishenden after a race long dice with myself with Graeme a close fourth.
In the A Final Brian, Keith and William were dicing for the lead until half distance when both William and Keith suffered a few offs and let Brian get away into an unassailable lead. Keith recovered to maintain second but William tried too hard to make up ground and suffered several more offs allowing through Trevor and Jack.
Brian had a well deserved win from Keith and Trevor.
Brian now leads the Championship from Keith second, Matt Digby third, despite missing this round, with myself fourth, Andy fifth and Trevor sixth.
Overall results as follows.

1. Brian Eldidge Toyota-Evo 3
2. Keith Fishenden Toyota-Evo 3
3. Trevor Allen Audi R8C-V12 26k
4. Jack Thoburn Toyota-Evo 3
5. William Oxley Toyota-Evo3 ( Driver 3)
6. Darren Curd Saleen-Fly Evo2
7. Andy Tomlin Fly Lola-NC6 ( Lotus03 )
8. Daryl Fishenden Toyota-Evo 4
9. Roland Brooks Fly Lola-NC6 ( 250 GTO )
10. Graeme Thoburn Fly Lola-NC5
11. Terry Blackmore Porsche GT1 98-NC3
12. Steve Kempson Fly Lola-NC5 ( Steveroonie )
13. Ric Woods Porsche GT1 98-Fly Evo2 ( Mooster )

Next round is on the ultra fast Molesey 165 ft routed track, which has the same surface as Pendle. This takes place on August 22nd. I hope to see a few of you from North of Watford at this one.

Forgot the photos again, will definitely have them next time, will have to delegate to Lotus!


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I liked the new Sport track layout, it was just a shame that there were gaps in the track that you had to avoid or your car would randomly come out.

The race control system was entirely inadiquate for this kind of racing. It could not record times only positions, and even then it wasn't great. Every race was ended with "Can we just confirm the positions?", with several positions having to be changed. It also couldn't record the running positions which had to be recorded by hand.

Another point which irritated me about the day was that after the lunch break and before the finals began, TQ Kieth F went round and wiped the track down with a cloth (not lint free), to supposedly clean the carp off the track left by those 'practising' during the lunch break. Roland tried to intervene, but he continued and low and behold, in the first semi-final nobody had grip.... except Kieth who won by miles.

After this race where I screwed up without grip, I stuffed my tyres with oil before the next race (the B final), and surprisingly enough I won. I feel this shows that wiping the track favoured those who were treating their tyres (not just with oil), and as the majority or racers (all visiting drivers) were running clean Ortmans or Proslots, the home drivers shot through the semi's with ease. Not the kind of thing which entices others to start inter-club racing.

Anyway, fun day out. Got to test another Moto GP bike on the sport track, and it seemed to go kinda well...

Ah well... revenge at Eastcote... haha....

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