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So, it was down (or rather East) to Southend this weekend for the second round of the London GT Championship. Keen to make up for my dismal outing at round one I had enlisted the help of a certain 'Lola' for the weekend. Again the turnout was a bit disappointing, this could be due to the British GP being run the very next weekend, and the fact that only three of the drivers present were home drivers.

Anyway, sixteen turned out on what was to be a surprisingly average day, neither too hol, nor too cold. Perfect weather for racing. Heats kicked off and instantly the new Fly Racing Lola B98's were taking over. The only other car which seemed to shine was Brian Eldridge (reigning European champion) 's black Slot.It Audi R8. Though the Lola's seemed to be faster over a lap, William Oxley (European finalist) and I seemed to be driving like idiots for a couple of races at least. Matt Digby (ex-European Champion) in the Fly Racing Saleen was also keeping up, but had a couple of bad races too. Cunninly, Matt also dragged his brother, Robert (ex-European champion), out of retirement, and with a Roland Brooks supplied Lola B98, was being more than useful qualifying in the top six in his first race in two or three years.

After the qualifying rounds, Brian came out on top, William was second and I clinched third.
Semi-final one, and Brian chose Brown lane, a second to inside lane, I chose Yellow, the other second to inside lane, and Robert chose White, in the middle. I stormed off to win by a good margin, and Robert and Brian, though closely contested for the whole 20 laps, finished in that order.
Semi-final two, and William chose White, Matt chose Blue (next to White), and Graham got Brown. William and Matt were battling for the whole race but Matt clinched it at the end, from William with Graham third.

The final was run with me on the Yellow lane, William on the White, Matt on the Blue, Brian on the Red, Robert on the Brown, and Graham on the Green. The 25 laps seemed daunting and it proved to be my downfall. I flew into the lead for the first 15 or so laps taking the lap times down closer and closer to the ever fabled sub ten seconds, with a 10.03. But William and Matt weren't too far behind and in a moment of madness I came off and threw the lead in the bin, to be retrieved by Will for the remainder of the race. Me and Matt then took up the challenege for second place, with the Digby pipping me in the last corner. Robert clinched the forth place, Graham in fifth and Brian sixth.

I pretty much forget what happened in the B final becaus eI was feeling too sorry for myself, and eating a bag of crisps. So here is the final order, I think... (Roly can correct me)




All in all I love the track, racing was great and very close and everyone enjoyed themselves. Hopefully more people will be able to make the later rounds this year. The next one is at Molesey, a HUGE wooden track which is superfast.

Over and out,


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Nice report, Lotus. A great track and a thoroughly enjoyable day. I do hope more people get along to Molesey - an amazing track and well worth the trip, regardless of how you actually do in the event (which means I'm fully expecting to get my butt kicked!)


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Thanks for the report Lotus, saves me doing it. We will have photos next time.
The finishing order was as follows.

William Oxley - Driver 3 - Lola NC5
Matt Digby- Mad Matt - Saleen NC5
Andy Tomlin- Lotus - Lola NC5
Robert Digby - Lola Fly Evo2
Brian Eldridge - Audi R8C
Graeme Thoburn- Lola NC5

Keith Fishenden - Porsche GT1 98 Fly Evo2
Ric Woods- Mooster - Porsche GT1 98 Fly Evo2
Russell Turner - Mercedes CLK NC3
Steve Kempson - Lola NC5
Roland Brooks-250 GTO - Porsche GT1 98 Fly Evo3
Terry Blackmore - Mercedes CLK NC3

Trevor Allen - Audi R8C
Don Stanley - Honda NSX NC7
Darryl Fishenden - Mercedes CLK NC3
Robert Overett - Capri Fly Evo 2

What Lotus failed to mention was that Matt was a long way last on the first lap of the final after a big off with the Saleen, about 5 seconds off the lead. He passed everybody except William by lap 20 and closed the gap to the lead to 2 seconds. This dispite the fact that we had undergeared the Saleen. The new Lolas are good on Ninco track but the Saleen is as good in the right hands.

Thanks to everyone who made it on Sunday. The next round is on the very fast Molesey routed track on June 6th. Hope to see a few more of you there.


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Well done Roly, I got most of it right...

Also another mention was the 5 lap neck and neck duel between Matt and his brother in the final. From what I made out from the comentary and glipses of the on the other side of the track, they didn't leave each others sides and didn't take each other out. Great racing.

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