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Eddie Grice
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Kevin Aulton from the old Lichfield club has kindly sent me the following press cuttings from the Express & Star newspaper.
The colour picture shows the first Lichfield track, a mountain circuit & one of my favourites.
Alf Myers is second right at the front & I think that's Kevin second right at the back.
The b&w photo is Lichfield's second track after they moved clubroom.
The rostrum picture is from a Bilston meeting, they have Tony's surname wrong, it should be Hand.

Thanks to Phil for helping with the picture posting


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Yes that is me behind Alf when we all had a lot more hair. I should mention marshalling in the hole foreground is Alan Hooper & at the back below the Koni advert Noel Sneyd, these two were mostly reponsable for building the track I think it was a case of making the most of space available. Just over 100ft lap I think. Next to Noel is Alans wife Norma who was a good racer herself, held the F1 record several times as I recall.
Sorry for confusion Eddie colour photo was by one of Alfs "contacts". The cutting of the new track is from Lichfield Mercury. This shows Robert Russell who started the Lichfield thread with Alf & Martin Avery, also just visible at the bottom marshalling in the banking Roy Bickley who also posted

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Thanks to "David Fearns" for sending me more information of the Lichfield and their member Alf Myers . "Hi David
See what you make of these?
I am standing next to Alf on the podium during the 6hr race in the late 60s. Guess I was 18!
Alf had a wooden block on the floor and drove with his toes.
He was a bit of a legend in Lichfield.
Best wishes

David Fearns
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