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Good evening from Germany,

does anybody here know whether or where one could get Lifelike Fast Track Chassis or motors ? They may be used or destroyed as long as com and mags are not damaged.
I need quite a pile...


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Lifelike used the same name for several chassis. The older style is the "M" type inherited from Rokar, those use a regular 6 ohm armature and have a pair of ceramic magnets. The newer style chassis is the "T" type, which has a can style motor with a longer than standard armature that has the laminations painted green. The earliest "T" chassis cars did not have traction magnets, but the majority of the cars have a pair of neodymium dot traction magnets. It looks like spare parts for either type are getting hard to find. I have never seen replacement chassis available for the "T" car, possibly some dealers took whole cars apart and sold the components. Wizzard still lists the bare "M" chassis. If what you want is rolling chassis you can buy entire cars and sell off bodies that you don't need.

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The parts aren't that rare. And Lucky Bob has loads.

I was thinking Buds because Roland was talking about getting loads - and I've never got a customs hit on his parcels.

If the German customs officials are as strict as their British counterparts, Buds might be a good bet for a pile of Ts.

If not - and I know they are slack on small parcels in France - then Bob's shipping will be marginally cheaper.

Hope this is all useful info
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