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Lifting the track to the ceiling

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Can anyone give me advice on how to lift my track to the ceiling.

It is on a plywood baseboard; It is heavy: 70 - 100kg; It has to go up 140 cm; I have lots of pulleys: 10 doubles and 6 triples and one or two extra rated for 8 mm rope.

I'm looking for a good pulley and rope design that would minimise rope usage, probably with 5 or 6 anchor points on the table
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Look what I found on Slotadictos - it's in spanish, but plenty of pictures

The main point : it's in the guy's dining room, he's using rope and no safety catch - I rather think I'll decline his invitation for a paella !!! [muchisimas gracias, Se~or Damocles, pero realmente no tengo hambre..]
it's a remote controlled motorized rolling shutter - he provides a link in the first post
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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