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Lifting the track to the ceiling

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Can anyone give me advice on how to lift my track to the ceiling.

It is on a plywood baseboard; It is heavy: 70 - 100kg; It has to go up 140 cm; I have lots of pulleys: 10 doubles and 6 triples and one or two extra rated for 8 mm rope.

I'm looking for a good pulley and rope design that would minimise rope usage, probably with 5 or 6 anchor points on the table
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All the detail is not in the photo, but here's what I did:

All my pulleys are single and there are 4 strands of rope going into the winch on the wall. I'll try to take some more detailed photos when I get back home next wekend - I'm working away from home at the moment.

I hope this helps!
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My frame is 12 feet by 6 feet (that's about 3,6m X 1,8m). I built it very light and have been careful to keep the scenery light too. I have not weighed the whole thing, but I doubt that it is more than maybe 70kg. I use Carrera track, so I felt that the track itself had enoough stiffnes that I did not need to make a very stiff framework. It's just important to make sure it stands level with all the feet on the floor. I am going to put adjusters under each foot, and then mark the position of the floor so I can place the track in the same spot every time.
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