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5,195 Posts are also offering lighting kits for their cars that have some interesting features.

Car lighting kit, new for 2004 from race kings Slot.It (SICS03). This new kit is quite different from the other lighting kits on the market. The kit consists of two separate pieces: the base circuit and the top circuit. The two halves are connected through a microconnector. This way, the body and the chassis can easily be separated without desoldering or removing the kit. Besides, the weight on the body side is kept to an absolute minimum (1.6g). The shape of the base circuit fits perfectly into the chassis of any car, or into the HRS chassis as well. It is sold presoldered, with cables cut to length, and with heat shrinking sleeves. It does not require any soldering from the user.
It also has two more innovations:
1 - Automatic lights shutoff after 15 with no power: not only this adds realism to the effect, but since the capacitor is never fully discharged, the lights are immediately ready for use after the first initial charge - even after a few days!
2 - Timed braking effect: like in a real racing car, the brake lights are brighter only for a limited time. So, the braking lights will only be turned on for at most 3 - or for less if the braking is shorter. Technical specifications
Power supply: max 20Vdc
Weight: 4.6g (3g chassis side, 1.6g body side)
Power inversion protected
LED Colour: front white, rear red

Info and graphic from GetSlotted.
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