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The lights I like the best are the Lionel highway and yard lights. You can get 4 lights for $11 US, about 5 pounds. Here are some links:

Highway Lights

Yard Lights

Floodlight Tower, single bank tilting head

Floodlight Tower, double bank

The Lionel lights all come with extra bulbs that are handy for lighting buildings, tunnels, overpasses, etc. The floodlight towers are pretty neat.

I have no financial or other type of affiliation with Wholsale Trains but I did buy my lights from them - best price I could find. Haven't installed them yet - still working on scenery.

For power I bought a Pyramid PS-26KX power supply, 6-15 VDC 25 amp. About 40 pounds, very good price.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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