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NSCC Swap Meet at Liphook

Bought a bike. Mark Scale warned me and everyone else there they were no good for racing. I figured it was reverse sales psychology. A few minutes on my home track proves he's right. Barely able to achieve one lap without de-slotting. Racing these will be matter of staying on, not going quickly…except perhaps on tracks of all Sport or even Carrera. Whatever, my mix of old and new classic and SCX and Sport is a challenge. Looks nice thou...

Saw a £2,500 slot car. A white Bugatti. Mind blowing within the context of toy cars, but nothing compared to the depreciation on a real car like the one I was driving (Lexus SC430). Spent some time debating how it must feel to buy one and get it home. The elation followed by depression of the eBay purchase/postman delivers cycle can be bad enough on a £40 car, is it proportionally worse at £2,500?

Need a 1/24 Carrera for new class at Farnham. Had thought to get a Carrera 6, but there were none. E-Types and Corvettes on sale at £19, but went even higher to get a Merc Streamliner. If we have to have one may as well have a silly one and I love the look on the driver's face. Will raid the old aircraft modelling decal box to get/make Swastikas for headrest.

Bought a new brand today - not easy with so many cars already - my first Cartrix. Never felt tempted by any before the NSX JGTC cars. Finally they have matched nice white Mobil livery with the sexy six-spoke wheels. Few laps with magnet in confirm it has very pokey motor. Non-magnet testing tomorrow.

About twenty stall holders, but maybe 100 buyers. Never ceases to amaze me that stalls can have the same stuff at quite widely varying prices.

Didn't get my pre-order Jagermeister BMW set (now a treat to look forward to Goodwood weekend for) nor a Greenwood Corvette as I'll wait for the Spirit of Le Mans version. They look good, even better out of the box. Running mates for the Fly CSL?

Looked at, picked up but didn't buy a white SCX Porsche 959. You need to leave with something to later regret not buying, don't you.

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