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· René 'Vialli' Christensen
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Just finished the last touches on the Lister Storm that I will be racing together with my friends from the club at the 24 Hours race in Fields just outside Copenhagen this weekend.

Lister Storm Le Mans Club Denmark Gerimax Instant Energy

We are sponsored by Gerimax Instant Energy and it was great fun to finally make my first decals for a car.

Hope you like it!

By the way - is there any who has any experience with the car?
we must run it without magnet, standard engine and tires, but are allowed to put in weight.
I like it handle with 5 gram of weight beside the enginge (which is placed in the right side of the car) to even up the weight.

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That's the LMP version not the BTGT/FIA GT version, isn't it? You could take the magnet out and get the end to swing round to knock the opposition out of their slots!
Superb detail and paint job, that really is a superb car. Do you know what type of cars it can beat yet? It could be worth something on Ebay when you're finished with it.

· René 'Vialli' Christensen
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Just want to let you know taht we came in 7th out of 12 teams.
A strong debut fro the new club Le Mans Club Denamrk sponsored by Gerimax.

The raceresult:

1. Team Williams, UK - 8389 laps
2. Vikings, UK - 8324
3. Team Kolding, DK - 8210
4. Team Belgian, B - 8139
5. Black Avenger, B - 8115
6. Slotcar Online, DK - 8073
7. Le Mans Club Denmark Gerimax, DK - 7886
8. Team Woodslot, DK - 7819
9. All Ranks, B - 7792
10. Sweden Scaletric Club, S - 7735
11. O'Leary, DK - 7328
12. Team Ølstykke, DK - 7136

Boy, those british teams were fast as lightning!!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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