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So as lockdown settled in, I had a look around the box of old scalextric cars I had in the loft. Though I've never been much of one for racing the cars - always felt that it was a bit dull and the scale speeds made it unrealistic, I have nevertheless always liked the 1/32 scale of the cars as it is a nice scale to model. In terms of motor racing, my own golden age was the 70' and 80's when I was a teenager. Not much of a fan of the jelly mould cars of today 0 they're all the same, just the colours are different!

Enough of the piffle. So I started with the Flyslot Williams FW08, Its OK, but I waited to see if they released a 1982 version, which they never did so, make my own... What you see if my kitbash of what started as the 'miller special' into a 1982 championship winning version as driven by Keke Rosberg. This was my first attempt at a kit bash, so I accept it may not be perfect. It was the first time I had tried making my own decals and they didn't always work as I used various gloss and matt varnishes with varying success. I have eventually bought some proper fixer which has essentially solved most of the problems.

It is almost there. I jest need to make a Rosberg helmet and do the front wheels. I have the hubs from a Ferrari 126C2 resin kit that I was going to put into the Fly slot fronts, but I broke the wheel insert, so I have some metal front wheels and just need to put the inserts in, paint and affix. I think it looks like a pretty reasonable pass for the '82 version that in my view was a better looking car than the 83 version with its shorter side pods.

More to come when I finish these last tasks - more kitbashes to come!

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