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A few quickish jobs. Has a Spanish Ferrari 312B3 that looked a bit sorry for itself. New paint job, made up some new decals and I think it looks a lots smarter now - fit to go in the display case! Also has a March 721 that has also benefitted from some more home made decals and a tidy up of the flash and mouldings. Front wheels are from an Eagle!

Next up, an SRC Mclaren M23 kit. very nice, and I have a Yardley version, but what about the Marlboro versions??? So quick bash 1 0 repaint and re brand with Marlboro decals for a 73 version, still needing some work, then with another, reshape the airbox for a '74 fittipaldi version, nearly finished, with some rear end details and the correct driver colour scheme.

Finally bit more ambitious - had a Scaley 312T2 - but why not look at making it into a 75 airbox version. SO bashed this and the basic old scaley '312T' models and with a bit of shaping and sanding a passable 312T. Having a bit of trouble with trim paint job detailing, bt will get there with a steady hand!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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