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Lola mk6 ..... on steroids

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A comment Chris Clarke passed that he 'censors' (my words not yours Chris) the pics he puts on, started me thinking about how many of us have cars we have done that have been bad/terrible/horrendous/not bad but not up to standard so we have never let any pics we have be seen by others

So a few years ago (yes I am trying to catch up) John Dilworth (aka Howmet) very very kindly sent me a few bodies that he cast. I started on the Lola but IN South Africa at the time I just could not get the right colour blue. So it had to be stripped!

I have since sprayed the car few times and just cannot get it right and this is where it stands at the moment....

So firstly a pic where I recently had to sand out bubbled decals (that happened a few times on this car as well) and sanded through the decals - sigh!!!

So Sand it - again - re-decalled and sprayed - still not good but it now stays like this. A shame as it is a superb body that is not easily available - sorry John!!!

You can in this pic that I have struggled with Patto's new format of decals as in this car - the white stripes seemed to form lines within the decal - not sure why..

At least the rear window fits quite well

So lets actually see some pics of cars that have troubled you when building
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Thought I would just finish this off - did my best to recover the mess I initially made but in truth I would need a new body to do a better job - (hmm where have I heard my wife say that before

Chassis - cut down Fly GT 40 (need new wheel spinners for it) with original mk6 full interior from the 60's monogram car.

Then a pic of the rear interior detail I added:

thanks for looking
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