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Lola T163

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Although most of my cars/builds are "hardbodies", I still have a thing for the clear Butyrate /Lexan cars that I used to build as a kid......especially if it was a model that I really loved.

This is a Lola T163 in 20thou. PETG from Truescale, and although it does not match the detail of injection moldings, they can be made to look quite nice, and I just loved this car.

Decals are from Pattos, and mirrors, driver, etc were either made or found in my parts box. Wheels/inserts are BWA.

I got a little lazy on the chassis, and decided to use a Slot-it motor pod.....a deviation from pure scratch I know, but it worked out well. I did have to utilize a motor with side mounted brushes (Cartrix experimental) in order to have clearance.

Chris Walker

Excuse the historical innaccuracy !!

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Lovely work Chris,

I especially like the detail work on the chassis.

Would you be able to advise on what the chassis weighs please?

Terry, as pictured, (motor, gears, wheels, tires etc.) the chassis weighs 74 grams

Thanks Chris,

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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