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Lola T163

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Although most of my cars/builds are "hardbodies", I still have a thing for the clear Butyrate /Lexan cars that I used to build as a kid......especially if it was a model that I really loved.

This is a Lola T163 in 20thou. PETG from Truescale, and although it does not match the detail of injection moldings, they can be made to look quite nice, and I just loved this car.

Decals are from Pattos, and mirrors, driver, etc were either made or found in my parts box. Wheels/inserts are BWA.

I got a little lazy on the chassis, and decided to use a Slot-it motor pod.....a deviation from pure scratch I know, but it worked out well. I did have to utilize a motor with side mounted brushes (Cartrix experimental) in order to have clearance.

Chris Walker

Excuse the historical innaccuracy !!

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Chris - thanks!!!!

Simply awesome car........

So will post the pic of the 163 version I want to build, thought I would start with the same body you use, cast it and then modify it - one for the new year me thinks...

I just think this car is beautiful!!! (the M6 Ford ain'bad either)

I ahve noticed that this acr changed at virtually every race - I just love the way the rear deck looks on this version.... if anyone els has pics of this car - they would be appreciated....
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