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Some pics of the final round of the London GT Challenge final round which
was run as Woking.

I see Slik is looking serious in a couple of them

Thanks to Domejuddv10 for the pics

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Top pic - bloke lurking at the end of the straight, ready to spring into action and do some really bad marshalling, and on the next one down, the driver second from the left who is looking at a car or controller, wondering which to blame on this occasion...

I perticularly like the picture (3rd one down) where Terry's Audi is no longer in the slot. I think he doesn't know whether to smile for the camera or shout for someone to put it back in...


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4th Picture - Far right (white polo shirt) adjusting my McLaren cap.

6th Picture - Second driver from the left

9th and final Picture - You can just see the brim of my cap on the left. The red box full of cars with my colourless and clear blue Parma on top is mine.


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I'm there too! I'm the one flogging bits to a serious looking Slik. Thanks for the Pics fouldsc, will try to write a race report this week once the brain recovers from the Namur 24hrs. Digital24hrs with 8 hrs in the dark does your head in!.

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