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Seeing as no-one else has done a write up yet, I might as well.

14 drivers attended, which was much less than last year and surprised a few of us. This could have been due to the state of the track, which was bumpy to say the least. West London is a classis/SCX track, quite long with two main features, the bus stop and the corkscrew.

During practise everyone tried their Toyotas, Audis and Porsches, but with the exception of a few, none could find their way around the bumps and switched back to CLK power.

From the first heat I knew I was screwed. The rules say that only one car may be used, and I bent a Slot.It axel... My Toyota wasn't running well anyway, so I chose disqualification from the meeting so that I could have a good days racing. Two cars later, I found that my Ninco powered Audi was the best thing I had...

Everyone seemed to be competitive and the majority raced CLKs, although there was two Toyotas, onw Evo Porsche, my Audi and a Racing Saleen.

The meeting eventually became a compotition for second place as Matt Digby went on to break all the records with a Roly prepared Saleen. In most races he lapped second place, and set a new lap record.

At the end of the heats Nick Picknall earned second place with a V12 powered Toyota GT1.

On to the semi finals: In the first semi, Matt got 1st place.

The second semi ended with Brian Eldridge finishing 1st, Roland second and Nick Picknall third. However, Russell Turner, running second most of the race suffered from a track fault and the race was re-run for his time. He led the re-run for a while and eventually settled for a time which put him 3rd eventually, pushing Nick to the B final.

The C final was run first for the two drivers who didn't make the semis. They were Daryl Fishenden, who has improved greatly since last year, and me because I was edited out of all my heat results. I pulled away at the begining, but after some lighthearted, suspect marshalling from Daryls father, Keith. It got close again... After some cokcy comments I came off two laps to the end and Daryl overtook me. He resisted some pressure for the next two laps, but unfortunatly came off two corners from then end. I came past to win by about a metre, but it didn't really matter because I was disqualified anyway, lol.

The B final was next which was won by Nick Picknall. Needless to say he was disapointed losing 5 places since qualifying.

Finally the A final arrived and Matt stormed off... He ended the race with another lap record and two laps up on second place.

As you can see I wasn't paying too much attention and I've forgotton who came where most of the time. Hopefully, Roly will post the final results sometime soon.

Anyway, it was a good days racing, spoiled by Shumi winning later in the day...

Next round is in Essex at GT Raceway on the 9th May. GT Raceway is a smooth Ninco track, with a long straight and a couple of twisty bits. It held the British GP last year so it's up to scratch. Ask for more details.


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Round 2 of the London GT Championship will be held on Sunday 9th of May on the GT Raceway track near Southend in Essex. Please contact me for details if you are interested in taking part.

After round one at West London 'Mad' Matt Digby leads the Champioship from top West London driver Russ Turner. Third is myself from Simon Wilkins, Keith Fishenden and reigning European champion Brian Eldridge.

Matt should face a little more opposition in round 2 Driver 3 is coming down from Nottingham plus top Essex home drivers Jack and Graeme Thoburn. We also may see a return to form by Lotus if his new Lola goes as well as expected. Should be an enjoyable day with some close racing. Hope to see a few of you there.

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