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Just thought I would show some pics of my new London Raceway Park...loosely based on Mosport, progress has been slow, but at least it's getting done slowly but surely. Hope you like the pics:

Start/Finish line and pitroad in the background

View down pitroad

Soon to be Valvoline sponsored truck slides into turn 1

It's door to door racing out of turn 2!!!

Valvoline sponsored #5 truck ducks to the inside of turn 3

As a result of the #5 getting loose out of 3, the #7 truck powers to the lead going up the hill

Neither truck is giving the other any free passes as they race down the backstretch

Treacherous turn 5 as they swap the lead back and forth towards the Sony Bridge

#7 takes the lead in the twisty sections coming down the hill

Red, white and blue takes the lead in turn 7

Turn 8 and the entrance to pitroad

A view of the Sony bridge and a drag race into the final turn

Thanks for viewing these pics, will post more as the track progresses
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