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Bob Chapman
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Well Nik, I bet once you get a chance to pull that trigger, it will be onward and faster lol.
I am currently looking at redoing the basement test track from a road course into an oval.
I have the garage track for, the road course, but some of the lads are building stockers and what.
I will make sure this build gets the full photo journal.
It should be about 16 feet by 5 foot 6 .
4 sheets of mdf side by side, no banking.
Cheers mate

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At first, I liked this track, then I appreciated the simplicity of the rock formations etc and liked it more, now that you're adding the finishing touches and greenery, I'm loving this track.
I think you've done/doing a superb job sir,especially like the mixed colour flock for grass..very realistic. Yep love this track !!


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Whoops, sorry guys. I have to admit I've not been here for a while, got my hands full of "real life" unfortunately. The reality is that Stoney Creek is as it was, just a little dustier.

Si, I'm glad you like it & thanks for the kind words. The varied shades are an absolute must if you want your scenery to look halfway decent. I'm nowhere near as good as some folk here though, some scenic tracks look so realistic, they require a double take
. There is still loads of stuff left to do yet & when "real life" settles down to more managable levels, I'll get some more done............. Honest!

Noob, I know you must be fed up with waiting for updates, but thanks for checking in for a look. I'm about to reply to your PM by the way.

521 - 526 of 526 Posts
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