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QUOTE On another note, when will you be making your beautiful machined brass 'U' brackets available for the BWA Minimotors, please?
As soon as someone puts up 4,000K$That's what the big brackets cost to do.

The Mini motor will actually fit the big bracket,if you rotate it about 60 deg from horizontal.If I ever do manage to put the little bracket into production,the motor will probably sit vertical rather than flat.The whole gubins should be no more than half an inch wide.

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I can't help thinking that if the manufacturers, Fly in particular, were to use the Mabuchi FF030PA/PK mini-motor, we would have 1/32nd scale Lola's, Porsche's and Chevron's and Scalextric wouldn't have to do this:-

The motors cost less than $1.00 wholesale....

Kind regards

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